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Any military-grade PCBA must conform to industry standards and regulations. It shows that the product is tested for reliable use in the intended application. Some of the primary standards we see in military projects are ITAR, MIL-PRF-31032, and IPC-A-610. Amptech has developed a stringent and thorough quality system that considers all customer-specific requirements (CSRs) and standards deemed necessary for a project. Our quality management system encompasses the following:


  • ISO 9001:2015 (ANSI/EIA-649)

  • AS9100D

  • IATF 16949:2016

We understand that long development cycles and high qualification costs require military customers to carefully select reliable, responsible, cost-effective partners. A proven partner is key. Amptech has been producing the Seltronic Trip Unit to the United States Navy, for over 27 years.


Defense Assemblies Experience

  • Search Lights, Control Boxes, and Flashers: Enemy and emergency detection light bar assembly used for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle program.

  • Command Control Units & Guidance Control Units: Quick-turn, complex assemblies built for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

  • SDV Mouse Interface PWB: Underwater mouse control board built for the Department of the Navy.

  • DS1-MA Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle: A lightweight and highly versatile robot designed for the military and law enforcement to access dangerous areas or remote targets.


  • 334418 Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing

  • 335999 All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing

  • 336321 Vehicular Lighting Equipment Manufacturing

  • 335931 Current-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing



  • 30BY1 Registrations: ISO 9001:2015 (ANSI/EIA-649 ) AS9100D

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